Will it be possible to live forever?


Have you ever heard about a man or a woman who live forever for real? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it from movies or read it in books. It always shows up as an interesting part of story. People often imagine how life would be if they could live forever. That’s why some people creatively capture their fantastic imagination about ‘living forever’ in movies and books. It’s a fiction, but everyone wants to know how it feels to live forever.

There is no possibility for people to live forever. That’s the main reason why people are so curious about living forever and they wrote stories about it. There are many ways to live forever just like what’s been written in stories, for example, keep a sacred stone, drink human blood, et cetera. People come and go. Everybody has their time to come back to their God. People grow old and they will face their time to be called by God.



Addo Djati Pradhipta – 3  XD



Will There Still Be Teachers And Schools In The Future?


Will there still be schools and teachers in the future? When we watch futuristic movies like Wall-E, The Robinsons, Surrogates, and others, we usually see that humans don’t need to work a lot. They are helped by technologies and gadgets.

Even though there is still a chance that there will still be schools and teachers in the future, there is a great possibility that there won’t be. People would rather stay at home and let the technologies work. Even in the film Surrogates, people sleeps all day and they have robots as their replacement. Like right now, we already have Homeschooling. Just like the name, we don’t need to go to school, we learn at home.

I think that in the future, it’s more likely that we don’t have schools. We’d stay at home and learn through the internet. Maybe we’d still have teachers but we won’t meet face to face, we’d meet through the computer screens. Homeworks would be posted to the internet, and the teachers would check through the internet too. Like this blog for example. Students post their essays to this blog and the teacher would check this blog too.

So, maybe there would be no schools in the future, but there will still be teachers in the future. Although we won’t meet face to face.

Sekar Anglila Hapsari


Images of Labsky : Genres


The aim of this report is to present what labschool students prefer in their life. My survey was about movie and novel genres and also favorite sport. I interviewed 15 correspondents for this report.

Most of the students pick soccer or basket ball as their favorite sport, the reason that they picked that sport was that it was simple, fun and didn’t need many tools. The students prefer simplicity when it comes to fun. Some other students prefer Baseball, Rugby, American Football, etc, but when it comes to movies, majority of the correspondents choose action movies or romance. The reason the picked action was because it never fails to pump their adrenaline while when it comes to romance was that because it was touching. The correspondents also said that those type of movies addict them and always make them watch it over and over until they’re satisfied. On the other hand, the rest of the correspondents said were because it inspired their lives, But when it comes to novels, they prefer to mystery themed novels.

When it comes to my opinion, I prefer Action Movies, Mystery Novels and Action movies. Although many correspondents decided both the y choose to pick what they liked more.

Images of Labsky : Task


School will never be separated from the tasks. I made this report to know what kind of task did Labschool Kebayoran students like: many tasks but it is easy or a difficult task but very full and need attention? I interviewed 5 respondents from different class of grade X via social network.

Most of them (4 of 5) chose the first choice: many tasks but it is easy. They chose it because it is not difficult and doesn’t waste too much time. They don’t need to be very focus on those tasks. One of them who answered “many tasks but it is easy” said that a very difficult task and need a lot of attention can disturb many things, like our music course or our sleep time because we need to be so focus on that task.

But the one who chose the second choice: a difficult task but very full and need attention, said that a difficult task need our full focus so we don’t need to think about other things and the result can be near perfect. It can be so true because we pull out our maximum skills and attention on that task.

In my own opinion, I prefer to the first choice. Many easy tasks don’t take lots of my time, focus, and money. Even we need to do maybe about 4-5 tasks, we still can enjoy our time away from school (read: home).


Sarah Astari (Ara)

XD – 36

Image of Labsky : Books


The purpose of this report is to find out what types of book are students in Labschool Kebayoran like.  I interviewed 10 respondents. I asked which types of book they like, novel or comic.

More than a half of the respondents answered novel as their favorite book. Many students interested with novels because the story was better than comics. Based on one student, as a reader of the novels, he can imagine about the character of the story clearly. For the novel lovers, novels made the reader analitically think about the end of the story, unlike comics, consist of clear sentences and pictures, with a clear and usual flow of the story. The vocabulary in novels are various, not all the words in the book are known well by the students. Thus, novels could make the students seek and study some new words.

It was interesting, I thought comic is the favorite book for students. I thought comics would be much more interesting than novels because of the wonderful drawings of the cartoonist. Although the readers of novels were like to read comics too, but students in Labschool Kebayoran still prefer to novels.


Addo Djati Pradhipta X-D/03

Images of Labsky: Films or Books?


People must be known about Harry Potter, Twilight, and so on. They first known as a book but then the books gained lots of interest and a huge popularity so that they made a film based on the books to reach more success. Some of people have read the books before they watch the films. Some of them know the films than read the books. There are also people who just read it or just watch it. Which one is the labsky’s students like the most?

I’ve interviewed 20 students in labsky and found out that they more enjoying watching rather than to read the book. Some said that reading the books is more exciting because they could have their own imagination about the characters looks like or else because it had no pictures there. And they could also repeat parts that they’ve missed and read it again and again. Other side, they said watching the film is way more fun than to read the books. It doesn’t take too much time plus it is cheaper than to buy books.

In my own opinion, I love both books and films. Sometimes, the film isn’t as good as the books. But you won’t find a good-looking actor on books, will you? So what I try to tell you is that both reading and watching are good, it’s depends on what you like and what you more enjoy.

Ghinaa nabiila (15) XD



I made this report to know what kind of music genre is popular in indonesia especially in the enviorment of Labschool Kebayoran . What do they like to hear and what they enjoy. I interviewd 3 of my friends via. Social network. I ask about what kind of genre they like, favourite music, favourite home country of the music production industries, and what do they think about indonesians music.

The first person i interviewed was Taufik Ramadhanu. His favourite music genre is Punk Rock. He likes this kind of genre because he feels that this kind of genre gives him passion and it fires up his soul. For example : “Paramore – Ignorance”. His favourite country of music production industries is from Cuba. He thinks that Indonesian music is good, even tough he thinks that the lyrics is too exaggerated. He hopes that indonesian music could do better and better.

The Second person I interviewed was Sarah Nadia. Her favorite genre is Pop Rock. She claims that that kind of genre is enjoyable to hear. For example : “ Dakota – A Rocket To The Moon ”. Her favourite music production industries is from the United States Of America. She likes to hear indonesian musics and likes some of them, she also thinks that indonesian musics are good but the people of indonesia is too influenced by other country’s music. Therefor, not many indonesian people hear to they’re own music.

The third and Last person i interviewed was Prabowo Hanifianto. Pop & Jazz is his favourite genre of music. He said that this kind of genre has more art that any other music genre. For example is “The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars”. His favorite country of music production industries is from Japan. He thinks that Indonesian music is ok but it should be more firm to him.

From these interview from the 3 classmates i can conclude that indonesian people especially Labschool Kebayoran, likes various kinds of music and music industries. Even though they oftenly listen to musics from other country, they hope that indonesian music can improve. So the world can respect our(indonesian) music as equal as we respect theyre music.

Ja’far Saifuddin (19)